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Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy (STST) Training: Level 1

Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy (STST) Training: Level 1

We are pleased to announce the 2014 nine and a half day SATIR LEVEL ONE TRAINING.

 Registration deadline is MAY 10, 2014


Trainer: Sandy Novak, MS, MA, SEP, LPC
Dates:  May 30 (6-9pm) through June 8th.  This is a semi-residential training, an "intensive," where the whole Level One will be presented in 10 days.

 Location: Boulder, Colorado
At the Dome, 6374 Niwot Rd., near the corner of 63rd Street, in North Boulder, Colorado. 

Time: 10am - 6:00pm  [May 30  6-9pm, June 4 afternoon off--meet in evening, June 8   9-2pm]


Cost: $1175 for therapists, $975 for graduate students. [$50 fee for book and manual, collected at the first day]


Lodging: Ideas available on request. Nearest lodging in Niwot or Gunbarrel, CO. 

Questions? Call Sandy at 303-931-4004 or  contact  us by email

Reserve a space now.

To reserve a space:  Click here

 Please note: registration and all payments must be received in full by May 10th. 
Payment plan is available, call Sandy Novak  303-931-4004 or 303-629-2960.


Level 1 training description

Satir’s Transformational Systemic Therapy Training Program is for practicing counselors, therapists, and graduate students who are currently working with clients. Satir’s Therapy Model is unique in encompassing both the intrapsychic and interactive components of therapy. Much therapy of the past has been focused only on clients’ behaving, beliefs or feelings. This model is focused on bringing about change at the level of Being, as well as changes in doing, feelings and perceiving. The process taps the universal yearnings of individuals within their personal family and social systems and helps them work towards a sense of responsible wholeness. This work requires that the therapist develop a high level therapeutic competence and congruence. 

The focus will be on the Satir Model and learning to bring about transformational change with individuals and couples.  The training will focus on experiential learning including demonstrations, hands-on practice, and triad work.  

The program will provide some hands-on skill development opportunities and participants will be required to work in dyads and triads practicing some aspects of the program. Participants will also work with their own three generational family-of-origin maps to increase personal learning opportunities in applying a systemic therapy model. 

 Virginia Satir, founder of the Satir Model, believed that therapy is an intense experience with the inner self. The counselor/therapist helps and encourages the client not only to accept and deal with the pain and problems but also accept and live an inner joy and peace of mind.

 This program will help counselors and therapists:

  Learn to make contact and build rapport with clients to stimulate their healing energy

·       Understand and incorporate the basic therapeutic belief system of the Satir Model.

·       Use experiential process throughout their therapy sessions.

·       Explore a client’s “iceberg,” a metaphor for how a person lives inside and where change can happen.

·       Surface and identify clients’ communications and coping patterns.

·       Prepare clients’ family maps (genograms) and surface dysfunctional personal and family dynamics.

·       Sculpt relationships among family members and bring automatic coping patterns into awareness.

·       Transform clients’ problems into positively directional goals.

·       Learn the Satir process of therapeutic change.

·       Help clients access, accept and utilize their internal strengths and resources.

·       Transform family rules that diminish clients’ self-esteem.

·       Help clients raise their self-esteem and increase their choice-making possibilities.

·       Map the internal processes of the clients and help them access and change their behaviors, feelings and perceptions and expectations.

·       Help clients reduce the impact of past events and negative experiences.

·       Help clients integrate and maintain their changes.

·       Become more effective counselors/therapists using the Satir Model.


Text: The Satir Model: Family Therapy & Beyond. 
By Satir, Banmen, Gerber, & Gomori, (1991)  Science and Behavior Books

Manual: provided on the first day.  Available by email ahead if desired.




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