Satir Transformational Systematic Therapy

Satir Transformational Systematic Therapy

STST is considered as one of the significant therapy among other family therapies. It mainly focuses on the common activities of a person, his thoughts about his daily routine and how he perceives things in his around. Satire therapy said that every person can develop their brain functions and their positive perceptions will go for further growth till the end of life. This therapy usually works within the family structure and helps that persona to improve their communications and relationship among their family. STST treatment through a therapeutic manner can fruitful to get trained with harmony, inner peace, and self-relaxation.

Historical Back Ground

Virginia Satir was a hard-working psychologist who has established this therapy which was pointing up that rather than patient it obvious to work on the whole family to know about problem roots. She has started this therapy in 1959 on her colleagues during practicing at Illinois Psychiatric Institute. STST was firstly published in her book named conjoint family therapy along with its fundamentals.

How It Works

STST believed that all persona can evolve their mind towards positive dynamic if it been resolved from the core of human perceptions and Satir developed some techniques which help to discover inner peace and positively stimulates towards productive change in a respective person. Systemic therapy by Satir works to get divine forces from inner self can change your mind and leads you towards improvements in your negative perceptions about family and near ones. It used to work on a person’s emotions, perceptions, and their conscious or unconscious actions through working with his family structure.

Areas Where STST Apply

Satir has developed three key areas where this transformational family therapy access to get beneficial results on personality. STST treats past experiences that compound to addressing person emotions, conflicts, and communicational differences through these influential areas of this important therapy. It has three transformational areas to work, the intrapsychic medium-plus family Origin and interactive area for therapeutic intervention.

Intra Psychic Approach

Satir Transformational Systematic TherapyThis approach deals with the area of the mind which has been highly influenced in a person’s dynamic. In this phase, the psychiatrist actualizes his previous humanistic traditions and experiences through STST. Satir therapy develops valid recognition of thoughts that were used stuck for a very long time. It helps to scrutinize the personality threads and traits to find out where the actual problem being posses. It was stated that all experience by human beings is mostly done internally. Positive and productive changes in one dynamic can work also for other areas of the mind.

Family Origins Area

This system which deals with interposition experiences in a person’s dynamic hugely focuses on the person and work structure with family. This part mainly focuses to reduce or remove negative affections in person’s internal experiences and she also added spiritual trait must be needed to improve work in family structure and it as a high influence to find self peace and inner purity.

Interactive System

It works to reduced conflicts among couples or out of family members, satire believed that identical or common things between two cause connections in them while opposite choices assist to compete for a better level then you have before.

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